Product CodeProduct Descriptions
900B01-0301AO 4 CH
900C50S-0360-00SIL2 C50_CPU
900C72-0144-00CPU ver4
900C52-0021-00CPU ver4
900H01-0202DO 8 CH with relay
900G03-0202DI 16 CH120/240 Vac
900PSM-0101Redundant Power Status
900P01-0101Power Supply 120/240vac 60w
900TER-0101High Voltage Terminal Block (Euro style)
900-TNF-0101Filler Block Terminal Cover
900R12-0101I/O RACK 12 SLOT
900R12-0200I/O RACK 12 SLOT (2 slot arızalı)
900R12R-0200Red. IO Rack 12 SLOT
900R08-0200I/O RACK 8 SLOT
900C53-0244-00I/O SCANNER (ver 4)
900S50-0360-00I/O Scanner
900B01-0101AO 4 CH ver4
900B08-0202AO 8 CH
900H02-0202DO 16 CH
900C75S-0360-00SIL2 C75_CPU
900C70S-0360-00SIL2 C70_CPU
900R12-020012 I/O Slot Rack
900RR0-0101Redundant CPU Rack
900C75-0460Redundant Controller C75 CPU
900RSM-0200Redundant Switch Module
900S75-0460I/O Scanner-2 port ( 1 per I/O rack )
900P01-0301120/240VAC, 60W
900A16-0103Analog Input hi level (16 ch)
900B16-0202Analog Outputs 0 to 20mA (16 channel, 2 modules per rack)
900G32-0101Digital Input, 24VDC (32 channel)
900H32-0102Digital Output, 24VDC (32 channel)
900TCK-0200VoltageTerminal Block (36 channel)
900TNF-0200Filler Block Terminal Cover